Mengjie Han piano

Music is a language in which I can express myself much more freely and viscerally than with words. Getting on stage and telling a story with music is a thrill that is truly – for lack of a better word – magical. It is a magic that I look forward to experiencing again and again, because nothing gives me more pleasure.”


Frédéric Chopin

Ballade nr. 1 in g kl.t., Op. 23

Ballade nr. 4 in f kl.t., Op. 52

Barcarolle in Fis gr.t., Op. 60

Sergej Rachmaninov

Variaties op een thema van Chopin, Op. 22



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Review De Pianist, October 2022
Chopin: Barcarolle op.60; Fantaisie in f op.49; Andante spianato e Grande brillante op.22.
Rachmaninow: Variations on a theme of Chopin
Mengjie Han (piano)
He is an impressive player, the young pianist Minjie Han, born in Shanghai but trained in the Netherlands. In 2014 he was a finalist of the Liszt Competition. He is the pianist of the successful Amatis Trio and has also found his way as a soloist in recent years. His interpretation of Iberia by Albéniz (2017) was well received, on this CD he plays and plays works by Chopin / Rachmaninow. Han is an intelligent playing pianist, who is able to take the virtuoso pianistic hurdles with ease, but opts for delicacy and sensitivity. He plays poetically, sparklingly, with attention and a certain calmness, resulting in transparency and lightness across the board, calm lines and a vocal melody. There are moments when a certain dullness threatens to set in (the beginning of the Fantaisie in F), but it soon turns out to be part of a carefully constructed vision in which Han allows the emotional storm to come ashore with controlled liveliness and then to pass away again. He is a player who dares to let the silence between the notes speak. The CD is dedicated to Hans father Ningxu, who passed away in 2021. In a loving personal foreword and a prominent photo, he pays tribute to his father.



10 Dec 2023


14:00 - 15:00