Holland Baroque - Bachs Königin

Date/ Time
Sunday 19-09-2021
14:00 - 15:00

De Paterskerk - DOMUSDELA

Holland Baroque – Bachs Königin

If you want to show an original interpretation of baroque music nowadays, then you have to know what you are doing. The musical entrepreneurship of Tineke and Judith Steenbrink, their inquiring mind, their fresh outlook and their talent for gathering the best and most surprising musicians around them has kept Holland Baroque fresh for fifteen years. On the program music by Bach for organ, the "queen of instruments", given a new look by Tineke and Judith Steenbrink.

BWV 529 Sonata
– I. Allegro
– II. Largo
– III. Allegro

BWV 526 Sonata + 974 Concerto
– I. Vivace (uit: BWV 526)
– II. Adagio (uit: BWV 974)
– III. Allegro (uit: BWV 526)

BWV 592 Concerto + BWV 648 ‘Meine Seele erhebt den Herren ‘
– Allegro (uit: BWV 592)
– II. BWV 648
– III. Presto (uit: BWV 592)

BWV 617 ‘Herr Gott, nun schleuß den Himmel auf‘

BWV 615 ‘In dir ist Freude’

BWV 542 Fuga

BWV 582 Grote Passacaglia

Tineke Steenbrink: “The organ, also called the 'Queen of instruments', is greatly appreciated by a small group of enthusiasts. They often know every note of Bach's organ repertoire. We at Holland Baroque find it exciting to present Bach's organ works with the orchestra in a different way. By arranging his works note by note, we get to know Bach better again. How we admired his playful virtuosity! His exuberant side is amply presented in this repertoire. A party!"

Judith: 'My sister Tineke and I always look at each other's work. Together we wrote the voice material for this new program. We send our packages back and forth. Not a note goes out without us being satisfied with it. Of course we also play each other's "composition rule-police", it is an honor and a game for us to always respect that old composition rules. "

Tineke: "It remains exciting how it will sound when the players of Holland Baroque breathe life into the notes. Our goal is for the arrangements to be as playable as possible and sound as natural as possible. The purpose of an arrangement is that you do not hear that it is an arrangement.'

According to Marjolijn

The program of Podium Klassiek Eindhoven is put together by Marjolijn Sengers. Why did she choose this concert?

"Holland Baroque is a top ensemble of the new era. It has become so because of the high quality, but also because it dares to think out of the box and can come out unexpectedly. This is expressed in daring programming, interesting arrangements and special musicians to work with. The choices it makes are sometimes unexpected but always fascinating and adding. Holland Baroque thinks across centuries and styles.'



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