Luitliederen door Dutch Classical Talents

Date/ Time
Sunday 18-07-2021
14:00 - 15:00


Duo Serenissima 


Luitliederen door Dutch Classical Talents

Duo Serenissima consists of soprano Elisabeth Hetherington and lutenist David Mackor. The duo focuses on the performance of 17ecentury lute songs. The source of inspiration is Baroque Venice, where the 'most serene' music was born. Duo Serenissima has already been heard and seen on many (inter)national stages. In 2019 they were considered as Dutch Classical Talent and made a tour along ten Dutch concert stages. It is looking for its own way within the performance practice of early music. For example, the research is investigating the original pronunciation of Elizabethan English, a theme that is still fairly underexposed. Soprano and lutenist sing and play with knowledge, skill and passion and like to bring theater into their performances.


John Dowland (1563 – 1626)
– Flow my tears
– Can she excuse my wrongs
– Fantasia

Jacques Arcadelt (c. 1507 – 1568)
– Deh dimm’amor
– Amor, tu sai pur fare

Lorenzino Tracetti (Laurencini) (c. 1550 – 1590)
– Preambulum

– This merry pleasant spring

J. Dowland
– Come heavy sleep

Anthony Holborne (c. 1545 – 1602)
– Muy Linda

J. Arcadelt
– Occhi miei lassi

J. Dowland
– Say love if ever thou didst find

A. Holborne
– The new year’s gift

J. Dowland
– Tell me true love

Thomas Ford (d. 1648)
– What then is love, sings Coridon

Francis Pilkington (c. 1570 – 1638)
– Rest sweet nimphs

– Romanesca

J. Arcadelt
– Laisses la verde couleur

– Robin is to the greenwood gone (also known as: Bonny sweet Robin / Robin Hood)

J. Arcadelt
– Il bianco e dolce cigno

J. Dowland
– Now o now I needs must part


According to Marjolijn


The program of Podium Klassiek Eindhoven is put together by Marjolijn Sengers. Why did she choose this concert?

"I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this young duo, their sound has a very individual and expressive approach to baroque lute songs. All the rules of early music are observed by the singer and lutenist with a great deal of knowledge and a sense of style, with the necessary freedom of interpretation. So not just Dowland and his contemporaries, but an era of courtly and less courtly musical poetry. "




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