Berlage Saxophone Quartet en schrijver Jan Brokken

In September 2008, four passionate saxophonists founded the Berlage Saxophone Quartet in the Berlage building, a student house at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
The Berlage Saxophone Quartet (BSQ) is seen as an advocate of a new generation of saxophone quartets that gives this discipline a strong position in the world of classical music.
What is striking is the unique combination of musical depth and refinement, combined with an appealing presentation in which other disciplines reinforce the musical message.
The quartet consists of Lars Niederstrasser (soprano saxophone), Peter Vigh (alto saxophone), Juani Palop (tenor saxophone) and Eva van Grinsven (baritone saxophone). Peter Vigh is also the arranger and composer of the quartet, and his qualities are gratefully and frequently used.
The BSQ is a former guest at Podium Klassiek Eindhoven. We gladly asked for it back!

About Heimwee:
Nothing is more human than longing for the lost homeland. In this project everything revolves around the great homesickness, as the Russian Alexander Glazunov felt when he wrote his grandiose saxophone quartet in Paris. Like composer Aftab Darvishi, who thinks back to her homeland Iran, which she left to study in the Netherlands. And just like writer and master storyteller Jan Brokken, the Dutch East Indies feels like its ancestors. Together with the Berlage Saxophone Quartet, Bokken explores homesickness in a melancholy, theatrically designed storytelling concert.


10 Sep 2023


14:00 - 15:00
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